Dog Entertainment!

Hi, hope you have all had a good week so far, it’s almost the weekend!

My blog today is going to be about how to keep your dog entertained and why it’s so important!


This is an amazing teething toy, great for pups! 🙂 It can be also used for tug of war!When your puppy starts its teething stage it tries to chew everything. So it’s really important that you can distract them with a toy that they are allowed to chew. It’s really simple to teach them that the toy is what they can chew. When you see them chewing something they shouldn’t, just give them the toy and play with them. Eventually, they will start to understand and know what they are/aren’t allowed to chew.

A soft toy! These are great for dogs and puppies! These toys can be used for teething and fetch! Teaching your dog to fetch and leave the toy is really important, so you must not try to grab the toy from their mouth because they think it’s a game. Just repeatedly say leave/ release until they do and then say good leave/release. This will take a lot of patience and hard work, depending on your dog’s personality!

You purchase either of these toys or ones like them, from local pet shops.

It’s really critical that you entertain your dog’s, to develop social skills. Also, to stop them getting up to mischief. My dogs absolutely love to play, although they can be trouble.


Have a lovely rest of your week! Sorry that my blogs haven’t been as regular as I would have liked them to be ! 😦

So I have decided on the days I will be posting my blogs, so that I will be posting more regular blogs! I will be posting my blogs on Wednesday and Friday, if for some reason I cannot post on that day, I will let you guys know by posting either a short blog apologising or a post on instagram! Also, makes sure you check my instagram because I will say when I am posting a blog!





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