Keeping Cool!

Hello, hope you are all enjoying the sunny ☀️ weather we have been having !

Although we all love the sun, it can all be a bit too much for our dogs to handle! Not only does the sun make you feel hot but it also makes us feel tired! So I’m going to give you my tips to keep  your pup nice and cool on a hot sunny day!!


My dog getting a bit fed up with the heat!

Tip 1


An ice cube! This is a really simple and effective way to keep your dog cool! It keeps them hydrated and it’s really soothing! Just make sure you keep an eye on them, incase the ice cube gets to small. This shouldn’t be an issue though! My dog absolutely loved this ❤

Tip 2


Make sure they have a nice shady spot where they can get away from the sun ☀️. This is really important that they are not in the sun all day, because they will overheat.My dog likes having  a toy to play with despite the boiling hot weather!😂

Tip 3


Spray them with the hose! This is the quickest way to get your dog cool but only do it if your dog is comfortable with water! If not then don’t spray them because it will make them feel more nervous when they see water 💦.

Hope you find this blog helpful! ♥️





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